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We believe Ethical Fashion should just look like Fashion.

Inspired by fashion but designed to be classic, wearable and beautiful, Outsider garments can be worn and loved season after season. Good clothes do not go out of fashion. We are inspired by the items that have been in our wardrobes for years - because true style is timeless, not transient and throwaway.  Our versatile day-to-evening pieces are made to the highest quality, designed to last and be loved.

We don’t want to preach about ethics to our clients – we simply want to create the solution for them. People want fashionable clothes and they should be able to buy them without worrying about the impact on the world. Ultimately it is the companies making the clothes that have the power to ensure that the garments are responsibly made and they should not shirk this responsibility. We as a company take on the responsibility; we will do all we can to make OUTSIDER as sustainable as possible, and will continually do so, always researching, always sourcing sustainable fabrics that inspire us.

OUTSIDER often refers to one identified as on the periphery of social norms, one living or working apart from mainstream society, or one observing a group from the outside.

OUTSIDER is a result of several years of working in the conventional fashion world where the big brands would prioritize making money over all else.  Is it possible to run a successful company and still have a heart?  Yes, with determination and strong beliefs anything is possible. It just takes one OUTSIDER to make a difference.


Image credits (from left): Little Draped Dress (Andrew Edgecumbe), Victory Shift Dress (Andrew Edgecumbe), Little Draped Dress (Andrew Edgecumbe)


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